Episode.30. with Muscle Bill

In this episode I am joined by Muscle Bill.

Born with Homozygous FH, a rare condition that prevents him from properly eliminating the “bad cholesterol” from his body. This has resulted in weekly visits to the hospital since his birth to have his blood filtered for the “bad cholesterol”.

Bill first had heart surgery, (a triple bypass) which took place at the age of 8 to improve his health by reducing the build up of cholesterol plaque inside his arteries.

Muscle Bill underwent a major heart surgery again in May of 2018 at age 32 where he had an aortic valve replacement, aortic artery stem replacement, along with 1 bypass. The procedure lasted approximately 20 hours.

Up for discussion in this episode is; Perceived Stress vs Physiological stress The theory behind allostatic, this concept that the acute stress response or “wear and tear” in human bodies becomes maladaptive when it is consequently activated in response to chronic stressors. Learning to put things in perspective and becoming resilient If you enjoyed this podcast please subscribe and give as a 5 star rating, this helps the show grow up the iTunes ladder, meaning we can continue to put the best content out there and reach more people.

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