Episode.38. with Casey Palermo

In this episode I am joined by my dear friend Casey. Casey is an elite level powerlifter and former Google Mechanical Engineer who has transitioned to a full time career in strength and nutrition coaching.

Originally from Canada, during her time abroad she has been coached by the great Dan Green and Joe Sullivan, as well as spent time learning from Pre-Script's Jordan Shallow and Jordan Jiunta.

In competition she has earned herself multiple federation National and World Records, as well as a 2019 IPL Drug Tested World Championship title.

As the founder of Faceted Strength, Casey's true passion lies not only with the barbell but with how training and nutrition can be used as a tool to contribute to the life around it. She takes pride in having an all encompassing view to strength training and how it should work alongside the other facets of life to better yourself and achieve your goals. Powerlifting is her passion, and coaching is the avenue she uses to create impact in the lives of those she works with.

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