20kg down in 6 months!


WOW! Where to start!


What an amazing journey!


Amazing transformation!

Marissa's Testimonial

"Darian is an absolute joy to work with. She is attentive, knowledgeable, motivating, intuitive, inspiring, fun, and down to earth.

I suffer from an autoimmune disease which causes debilitating flares of inflammatory arthritis; consequently, exercise has always been a big challenge for me because over-exertion and heat tend to trigger a nasty flare. Over the past few years I became incredibly deconditioned and lost all strength. I struggled considerably in day-to-day life. I recently moved into a career in the health sector which demands lots of heavy lifting and manual activity (particularly repetitive use of my upper limbs)…. I was in struggle-city because I just didn’t have the strength to see the day to completion. I studied hard to arrive at this new career, so I desperately sought out Darian to see if she could help build my strength…… and BOY did she help!!!

Darian absolutely exceeded my expectations!!! We trained once a week to begin with to get my body acclimatised to load, then within 2 months we were successfully doing 3 sessions a week. I have never felt better! I developed strength, confidence, control, and improved my mobility (boy was it bad prior) incredibly quickly thanks to Darian’s expertise. Since doing 3x PT sessions a week my highly physical job no longer causes me grief and my inflammatory flare-ups and few and far between.

Darian is so knowledge and sensitive to my needs…. she has an incredible knack of giving me just the right amount of push to get the results without causing a flare. She checks in regularly with how I’m feeling so not to cause an aggravation of symptoms; she even messages me on hot nights to ensure I stay cool and to let me know it’s OK to reschedule if I wake up feeling unwell from the heat. Additionally, she went out of her way to provide me with a yummy anti-inflammatory diet to assist in reducing my systemic inflammation. It was delicious and worked a treat! Thank-you!

Not only is Darian highly skilled and intelligent, she is also really fun and beautifully down to earth. My favourite part of our sessions is the laughs and chats we have between sets. Darian is one of a kind and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Thank you Darian!!!!!"