The Missing Links: A Survivor’s Guide To Eating Disorders

The Missing Links: A Survivor’s Guide To Eating Disorders

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I’d be lying if I said that eating disorders are the type of thing that you fully recover from. They don’t ever really “go away,” but you learn to cope and accept that recovery is an ongoing process.

My ambition with this eBook is to help you begin the recovery process and educate you about the evidence based ways to restore your health and vitality. 

Within 25 pages, you'll learn: 

  • That you’re not alone
  • Types of Eating Disorders .
  • Where the hospital system fails.
  • What is Body Dissatisfaction and Why it is on the rise?
  • The Missing Links: What Malnutrition Does to the Body.
  • Why you NEED Vitamin D & Calcium.
  • How to correct hunger signals and balance your mood.

Plus so much more! 


Darian is an inspirational voice, combining first hand experience with the expertise of a coach; blending the emotional, theoretical, and practical of a very complicated topic. Disordered eating is a topic that every single coach will help people through, so learning these fundamentals is essential

Coach Jake Doleschal

There are few resources on the internet that capture the full scope and complexities of Eating Disorders with an easy-to-digest approach. Coach Darian Bates' book is a phenomenal resource for both coaches and clients that want to learn more about this complex topic while sharpening their skills for tactfully approaching scenarios in which disordered eating habits may be present.

Jake Boly, M.S., CSCS

Darian's expertise on eating disorders pales in comparison to what conventional medicine seems to provide. Because she is a coach herself, and is in the trenches daily with both men and women who have athletic and aesthetic goals, in my mind it is a much more authentic position for knowledge. Having gone through exercise bulimia in college I could completely relate to the information she gave, and the descriptions about each disorder, and how they are different. These types of details are crucial for any coach working with someone who has a history of an eating disorder no matter how slight. It changes EVERYTHING in a coach's approach to working with someone new. I work primarily with men over 35 and I will say that eating disorders and body dysmorphia can be just as present in them as in women. I would highly recommend this book for anyone choosing to work in the nutrition, health or fitness arena.

Ali Gilbert, Golf Digest Top 50 Golf Fitness Professional, Mens Health Coach

Darian has compiled a comprehensive guide on disordered eating habits and provided an evidence-based framework to change the lens through which we view them. You'll come away with a deep knowledge of eating disorders, the complex issues those dealing with them encounter and a research-backed action plan to help you guide them towards better health and wellbeing.

Paul ONeid MS. MS. CSCS